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The Post Party

Oct 30, 2017

In today's episode Rhiannon and Anna are discussing the things moms worry about, but don't usually confide to their husband, friends, or even Google. Am I the only one who hates their husband? Can I leave my kid in the car so I can run in and grab that one quick thing? Why does my baby have that weird rash? Will the...

Oct 23, 2017

In this episode we're discussing all things periods! It can be a taboo topic so we are, of course, diving in completely. We discuss tools of the trade, experiences, and philosophies. Join us! 

Show Notes:

Oct 16, 2017

In today's episode Anna and Rhiannon are discussing the 7 Myths of Motherhood. You know the ones that strangers tell you about at the store that you know you shouldn't believe, but you secretly worry about? Yeah, those. So join us as we chat about what really happens with baby sleep, weight loss, and recovery during...

Oct 9, 2017

In today’s episode Anna is talking about the post-adoption season with her friend Kate Zerbe. She is an adoptive mom to 5 kids and a step-mom to three more and I’m so happy to share her story with everyone. 

Kate and Anna met in the Facebook hangout group for the podcast Sorta Awesome and have become friends as they...

Oct 2, 2017

In episode 19 we're talking about the things we said we'd never do, that we ended up doing out of necessity. The truth is that a major part of parenthood is flexibility!! So this episode is all about celebrating the family you have instead of the family you imagined you would have. 


Show Notes are at our...