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The Post Party

Oct 9, 2017

In today’s episode Anna is talking about the post-adoption season with her friend Kate Zerbe. She is an adoptive mom to 5 kids and a step-mom to three more and I’m so happy to share her story with everyone. 

Kate and Anna met in the Facebook hangout group for the podcast Sorta Awesome and have become friends as they realized all that they had in common. She is in Oklahoma and Anna is in Texas and it’s so fun that we live at a time when it’s easy to have long-distance friendships! It seems very appropriate that we used the internet to interview her for this podcast. 

So grab a cup of coffee, or a glass of wine, and join us as we discuss sibling adoption, the saving grace of crazy schedules, and the awesome way Kate’s husband summed up their first few weeks as a family of ten. 

Show Notes: